Born and raised Floridian. Currently working as a design director at Dunn&Co. London.

After 30 years in Florida I gave up the Sunshine City to relocate to foggy London Town, to assist in bringing Dunn&Co. UK to life.

Started out a dirt road kid, raised on a 20 acre farm in central Florida. Headed to Tampa for art school, where I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa in 07. Been working for small agencies every since, learning how to pull many rolls, I’m able to take stuff from concept to completion. I have a passion for printed thing, you can usually find me rubbing and sniffing papers.





Art Institute of Tampa
Bachelors in Graphic Design and Fine Art


Features & Recognition


HOW 2016 International Design

Print Magazine 2015 Design Annual

The Dieline

Communication Arts Design Annual

Packaging of the World

Graphis 2015/2016

Packaging Inspiration

World Packaging Design Society

Graphis 2019






Dunn&CO UK - Design Director
March 2016 – Present

Dunn&CO – Senior Art Director
January 2011 – March 2016

Pyper Paul + Kenney – Senior Graphic Designer
March 2008 – January 2011  

Baiden and CO. – Graphic Designer
July 2007 – March 2008

Even though I'm not actively looking for work, I do have a bucket list of jobs I would like to work on. At the top of the list is beer cans, but I'm always interest in packaging projects. If anything we should probably be friends.


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